Adaptive Therapeutic Lessons


Scooter’s Place is a form of alternative therapy, but it is also sometimes the avenue for fun and a break for both the riders and their families. Many families have referred to their lesson days as days off from the stresses of traditional therapies and medical procedures. It’s an experience that families can share together and a place of serenity in a crazy world.

We have seen the incredible progress that children and adults with all sorts of challenges can see with regular lessons.  They help with core and muscle strengths, preventing bone weakness and joint dislocation, promoting confidence and communication skills, facilitating balance, and enhancing hand/eye coordination.   Time in the barn can also promote confidence and independence, improve communication skills, and help with concentration and memory.

One of the unique qualities of scheduling lessons through Scooter’s Place is that each lesson plan is customized for your needs. Whether it’s an individual lesson, or one expanded to include the whole family, or a group lesson that helps increase social interaction, the possibilities are endless.

Please contact us below to begin the conversation about how we can customize your adaptive riding experience.