Our Horses

Each of our horses are kept on a regular vaccination, de-worming and farrier schedule. Their nutritional needs are evaluated and addressed on an individual basis. The horses are turned out daily for play time and return to an individual pen with shelter at night. The horses are groomed daily and examined for cuts or anything unusual. Our volunteers adore our horses and give them plenty of love and attention throughout the week. Additionally, our horses are given additional therapies when necessary to ensure that they stay in the best possible shape, both mentally and physically.

The full cost to care for one healthy horse for one year is around $14,000 including hay, supplements, veterinary care, farrier services, tack, blanket, stall bedding, and daily care. Because we care for all ages of horses, older horses may incur higher veterinary care costs and your monthly donation helps cushion us against these unexpected expenses.



Hay! My name is Andrew! My breed is American Paint Horse. I am by far the funniest horse and biggest character in the barn. That’s why some people call me Drewfus!. I am one of the Ambassador Horses. I teach the volunteers and students grooming, handling horses from the ground, leading, side-walking and Advanced Students riding.



How ya doing? I’m Angel! I am a Paint Horse. I am the most stylish horse in the barn. I am white with some freckles and I have eyeliner on one eye! Right now I’m one of the Ambassador Horses, but usually I’m a lesson horse.  I teach volunteers and students grooming and handling horses from the ground, leading and side-walking.



Hiya! I am Buggs! My full name is Ladybug but no one calls me that. You can also call me Bugsies. I am a miniature horse. I pull a cart for people to ride in! If I’m feeling gracious I will jump over makeshift jumps the volunteers set up for me. One time some silly volunteers dyed my mane blue, red, and purple with finger paint! (it was nontoxic and they got permission don’t worry!)



Howdy! I’m Goose! My breed is American Paint Horse. I was Jeanine’s horse for the first two years of my life, but then went to another owner to be a show horse. I’m now in retirement back with Jeanine at Scooter’s Place helping with lessons! I am the tallest lesson horse so typically bigger kids and adults ride me but I love the littles too! My favorite treat is peppermints! I am named after Goose from Top Gun and my registered name is JJP Rustler’s Top Gun!



Yo! They call me Moo! This confused many of my riders but I am in fact a Paint Horse not a cow. I was donated to Scooter’s Place because I have an injury to my hock that prohibits me from loping or showing. My owners wanted me to be taken care of in a good home so now I help with lessons at Scooter’s Place! Scooter’s Place is perfect because it allows me to still be ridden and almost all of their lessons are walk/jog. I am a great horse for kids who don’t need as much contact with their side-walkers and adults!  I am the youngest lesson horse at 4 yrs old!



Hi! I’m Spree! I am a Quarter Horse! I have been a all around show horse but now I spend my retirement days helping with lessons at Scooter’s Place!I am a great horse for riders who need a bit less contact from side-walkers because I’m a bit taller than Hazy. Kids and adults of all sizes ride me! If you see me bored or waiting for my grain I might flap my lip and make a funny noise.



Lily is a registered American Quarter Horse. She spent 20 years of her life as a show horse. When it came time to retire from showing full time, she was offered to Scooters Place to come work with the riders in our program. If you approach her, she may seem cranky with her pinned ears, but don’t worry! She is very sweet and just has her ears on backwards after forming a habit to scare away other horses. She loves cookies and her massage every Wednesday and Thursday with Lesli!



Colonel is a gypsy Vanner who spent 16 years of his life as a roping horse with the same owner. When his owner moved to Arizona, he decided that was not a place for a horse. Colonel was then put up for sale, and Scooters Place reached out. When his owner learned about our programs, he decided it was the best place for Colonel to live the rest of his life. Though his job has changed from chasing cows to helping children, he loves his job and is a barn favorite. Fun fact about Colonel, he does tricks for cookies, including laying down and picking up ropes!



Nemo is the newest horse to our program. He was leased to us when his owner moved away to college out of the area. She wasn’t able to spend the amount of time with him that she wanted, and so she contacted us so he could help out with our students here. He loves his job here at scooters place, and is having a lot of fun with our volunteers and our riders!



Cash is a 17 year old registered American Quarter Horse. He was a successful show horse for many years, and still does shows through our volunteer program. When he isn’t doing Scooters Place Lessons, he is hanging out with his best friend Goose in pasture all day, and laying in the sun. In lessons he would rather lope than jog!



Princess Lucy Goosey is a retired show horse. She is a registered Paint Horse, and her registered name is JJP Grace Undenied. In addition to being a successful show horse, she had four fouls. When she retired from horse shows and having fouls, Scooters Place asked if she could come help with our programs. She is the sweetest horse and loves all the affection her students give her. She is Gooses half sister, and Angels full sister. Her father Lucky, who is 29, is also at Scooter Place. You can follow her on instagram @princess_lucygoosey.



Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo. Romeo is originally from San Diego, then his previous owners bought him and moved him to Spokane, WA. He was a show horse, but retired from showing about 4 years ago. He is 27 years old, but does not look a day over 17! When his owners learned Scooters Place had lost our beloved Norwegian Fjord, Hazy, they contacted us and offered for him to come work with us. He loves his new job here at Scooters, and playing soccer!



Pippi is a registered APAJ Paint Horse, and her registered name is Interception! She is 17 years old and is a retired show horse, but still has lots to give. We were entrusted to help Pippi live her life out as a lesson horse. She was leased to Scooters for a year, and then was donated to the program by The Kirsten Hammer family when they saw how happy she was. She loves her job as a lesson horse, and also loves when our volunteers take her to horse shows! Pippi was born deaf, however that doesn’t stop her from being great at her job!



Lyle is a 22 year old, but acts like he’s 12. He is fully sponsored by his Family the Bratagers, and will live his life out at Scooters Place and continue to serve the kids in the program.