Rewarding and humbling
I’m honored to be a part of Scooters Place as one of the volunteers. It’s rewarding and humbling as I watch and work with the children and adults as they mount the horses and start another hour to help them on there journey for improvement with there disability.

The director, Jeanine, is amazing with her students and I enjoy watching her work with each one and being a part of it.

I’ve had the opportunity to talk with the family members and they are so grateful for the help and they see improvement each time they are here and they are overjoyed regardless of how big or how small the movement might be and the smiles on their faces and the joy they have riding there new best friend with 4 legs and a name which they call them by.

An incredible journey
Rachel N
Being a part of Scooter’s Place has been an incredible journey. Stone has non-verbal autism, and to our amazement has learned so much in the past 2 years. At the age of 15 he was so afraid of the horses, he would barely touch one, let alone ride one! But now (with a lot of patience from the Scooters staff) he happily hops on and motions the horse to go. He’s learned his right and left directions and enjoys the therapy games that vary each week. We are so thankful for this therapy that has benefited Stone so much!

Such an open and welcoming environment
Maria G
My family loves Scooter’s Place! It’s such an open and welcoming environment. I can tell that ALL of the volunteers love what they do and are there because they followed their heart. I have seen so much improvement with my daughter’s temperament! Jeanine knows what she is doing and how to secretly coax the riders to broaden their personal growth. Everybody is super sweet, but firm enough to gain respect from all.